Woolen carpets

About Balkanova carpets

Our carpets are made from quality sheep wool yarn, which is hand bound into a woven basis. This technique is similar to that used when producing Persian carpets. In our offer you will find mainly carpets in natural colours, from undyed light or dark wool. This yarn is cut on uniformly sized pieces, which are then bound separately into the basis. The final look of the carpet depends on the further preparation of the yarn. When several threads are mixed together before binding, the carpet has a cleaner look. When the yarn is bound singularly, it has a more shaggy look. This very precise hand production takes about ten days for one average sized carpet (140 x 200 cm). Afterwards, the carpet is checked so that all the fibers have the same length, which is about 3 cm.

We offer single colour natural carpets in light beige, brown or creamy brown (achieved with mixing light and brown yarn), or dyed in simple patterns. Since all production is hand made, it is possible to ask us for any sizes or shapes. We manufacture these carpets upon your order.

These modern carpets are the natural progression from a long tradition of carpet weaving in southern Bulgaria. They are environmently friendly and will last for years and years.