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Balkanova woolen blankets

DekyWe offer 100% wool blankets of varying styles, thickness, softness and methods of production. Sizes range from baby-pram blankets to king size covers. Our collection consists of over 40 different varieties of patterns and the number is growing. Each year we travel around Bulgarian wool production areas looking for the best quality products to include in our collection. We seek to offer a wide range of blankets for different usage – to be used at a weekend-house or a cabin, for camping or picnics, and for your bedroom or living room.

DekyOur woolen blankets are produced in a way that still keeps many original elements of traditional craft. Much of the production includes hand-crafted work. Many blankets have hand-twisted endings, which is about a third of the labour in their production. In the last stage of production, blankets are washed in traditional wooden washing drums, built on mountain streams.

Woolen textile is a good choice because of its outstanding qualities providing both warmth and cosiness. The structure of woolen fibre causes it to adjust to humidity, opening when wet and closing when dry. Thus it keeps out dust or dirt. It also enhances your health with an ongoing microscopic massage. Woolen blankets can absorb high percentages of moisture without weakening its isolation, and will still feel dry to the touch. That is what makes woolen blankets the best material for camping and out-door usage.

Some lanolin, natural sheep grease, is left on the fibers when the wool is cleaned, which causes it to be naturally water repellent. Lanolin also softens the wool, and doesn’t attract dirt. It has hypoallergenic and antibacterial qualities, which are widely used in pharmacy. While on the sheep it protects against parasites, and in the blankets it repels mites, which are the greatest cause of allergies.

DekyMost of our blankets are produced from local wool, and no sulfuric acid (carbonization) is used for cleaning the wool, that’s why the blankets are natural indeed. For outdoor usage, we recommend the Rainbow or Rodopa blankets, because of their extraordinary warmth. In production, the Rainbow blanket is shrunk in water to a desirable size, thus the final product is denser and heavier. The Rodopa is the blanket with the longest tradition, and has been woven in a similar way and style for many centuries. It is well known for its warmth and durability. Without hesitation, we can offer a twenty-year guarantee for this blanket, because it typically lasts much longer than that. The Perelika blanket is lighter, developed for the needs of western Europeans. It is easy to carry, and can be used in various ways. If you’re searching for a softer blanket, we recommend the Gergana or the Perelika no. 6. Both are produced from Merino wool imported from Australia and New Zealand.