White Wool Halishte

We present you with a hand woven textile, produced solely from sheep wool in its natural colours, pure of any dyes or chemicals.
Its woven basis is interwoven with so-called living wool. This high-quality Rhodopian wool is minimally processed after sheering. Thanks to the fact that there is no further cutting, the long locks of wool keep their structure and original softness. Each lock of wool is then bound by hand into the woven basis, then combed and washed. The fibers of the final product can be up to 10 inches long (25 cm). Available in different shades of natural wool; ranging from white, golden or amber, to dark chestnut brown.

product code: CHalS
Material: 100% wool
Production: hand crafted
Pcs available: 0
undyed natural wool
Pile: 20
Size: 200 x 200 cm
Weight/m²: : 1555 g/m²
Weight: 6,7 kg
price (per item): 3 300,00 Kč /m²
Price: 13 200,00 Kč