In this section a number of woolen and non-woolen accessories can be found. The unique Terlice slippers have traditionally been sown in Bulgarian mountain houses for centuries. Each pair is original, quilted in an oriental style. If visitors at your house are obliged to take off their shoes, provide them with a pair of Terlice slippers and they will be happy to do so.

Our hand made ponchos demonstrate that this kind of fashion is not only common to shepherds or street musicians, but can also be proudly worn as an elegant fashion accessory to theaters or exhibitions.

In the Socks category you will find quality socks made of 100% or 90% wool in varying sizes and colours.

The world-famous Bulgarian rose oil cosmetics are our only products that have nothing to do with sheep or wool, but we decided to present it here for it is a product very traditional, splendid and famous.

If you find something missing in our offer, you can take up a new home crafting challenge and knit yourself something using our natural wool yarn.