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Woolen blankets and carpets

sheepWe proudly present top-quality woolen products from the very heart of the Balkans; blankets from woolen mills whose production still involves a great deal of handcraft. Carpets, kilims (rugs) and halishte, are hand-woven on looms in small family workshops.

We purchase our goods from the two most traditional sheepherding areas of Bulgaria. The Rhodopes mountain range has maintained its purity and charm, interrupted only by grazing sheep and the small villages scattered throughout. The Rhodopes once were the center of ancient Thracian civilization, and remains of their old temples of Orphic and Dionysian cults are still to be found on the mountain peaks. But the sheep grazing underneath is a tradition with comparable age.

The other mountain range with a rich tradition of wool production is the Balkan mountain range. It spreads 560 km in length from eastern Serbia all the way to the shores of the Black Sea. Thus the whole peninsula bears its name and so also does our company.

Aside from the imported merino wool, used for our softest blankets, all wool comes from small flocks of sheep traditionally raised in Bulgaria. The dark wool comes from the herds of the Sarakatsani ethnic group, who were living a traditional nomadic way of life until recently.

horyOnly environmentally friendly procedures are used in processing and so our blankets maintain the texture and quality of natural wool. Unlike the current trend in the woolen industry, no sulfuric acid (in the process called “carbonization”) or any other chemicals are used for scouring the wool. For some of our products the dye used is made primarily from natural sources.

Our offer is as diverse as the Balkans itself. Choose from a selection of over 40 different varieties of woolen blankets. Sizes range from baby blankets to king size bed covers. Made from 100% wool, they are warm and comforting.

The Halishte, a luxurious ultra deep-pile carpet has had a long tradition in Bulgaria, but will look great with any kind of interior – from traditional to modern to trendy.

dědciThe Kilim, a traditional Bulgarian hand woven rug, displays a spectacular variety of colors and patterns. Dyed with herbs and 100% hand crafted, one rug can take weeks or even months to complete, but the time is well worth it.

Our hand-bound carpets have a more modern look and will add a touch of comfort to your home. Every piece of yarn is separately bound by hand into the woven base of these carefully crafted carpets. MORE ABOUT OUR CARPETS

Hand crafted woolen ponchos, woolen socks, traditional ornamented slippers, and the world’s top-quality rose oil cosmetics (a Bulgarian specialty) can be found under the “Extras” section.


Dear friends,
we have launched a new website balkanova.eco, where you will find our standard range, which you were used to from this site and new products. These pages are no longer continuously updated and no new products are inserted here. Please visit our new website balkanova.eco. Thank you and we look forward to seeing you in your new, Your Balkanova!

Balkanova shop

Our shop is situated in the very heart of The City of a Hundred Spires, between The National Theatre and Charles Bridge. If you are the kind of person who needs to be able to see and touch the products before purchasing, you are more than welcome to stop by our shop. Our blankets are definitely worth seeing! You will find us in Karoliny Svetle 23. If you go from Narodni Trida direction it is just past the very old round church, on the left. We look forward to greeting you in our shop, where you can have a cup of coffee and enjoy the unique Balkan atmosphere.

About us

Our company focuses mainly on the import and sale of woolen textiles. Wool is one of the best quality materials for various kinds of blankets, rugs, carpets and clothes. It seems that it is being overlooked in competition with cheaper and often less quality materials. Luckily, we entered the market in a period that seems to praise the old ways with new enthusiasm. We are happy to meet the needs of people who prefer quality goods, which can still be valuable to them for decades to come.

We offer direct and often exclusive imports from different parts of Bulgaria. Our wool comes from the most ecologically preserved and environmentally clean areas in Europe, and much of the production is done by hand. We know the producers on a personal level and we are well acquainted with the quality and the environmental aspects of the production procedures. In addition we are able to provide rugs and carpets with designs according to your request and fulfill orders with special requirements. Bulgarian wool production has always been well known and highly valued. We hope that our company can help maintain the tradition of producing these quality textiles for future generations. We are happy to negotiate special prices when dealing with multiple orders. If you are a shop owner, we would love to have you on our map of “Balkanova” carrying shops, so please don’t hesitate to ask us about wholesale prices.


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